Danielle Schembri

Property Manager

Danielle became part of the LJ Hooker Commercial Penrith team in May 2017 and is a licenced real estate agent.

Starting out as a receptionist soon after completing her secondary schooling, her strong work ethic and attention to details quickly opened a great career opportunity in becoming a valued member of our skilled property management team.

Danielle is open-minded and on-the-ball, and her ability to use her experience and knowledge to provide a high level of service to all of her Lessors and Lessees ensures that she can achieve the best outcome and continue building ongoing relationships.

Danielle prides herself on having great communication skills, being a team player and instilling her approachable personality. Her dedication to LJ Hooker Commercial Penrith & Badgerys Creek proves to her clients that her enthusiasm for property management is not only a career, its a passion.

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What our customers say

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My experience with the LJ Hooker team has been exceptional over a period of 5 years. I have worked with a number of commercial and residential agents for my investment properties across the country, and no doubt the team in Penrith have been a standout. They have an extensive network of capable trades and professionals to ensure that as an owner I’m getting the best results from my properties and they always ensure great tenants come in and take available space. Danielle Schembri is particularly pleasant to deal with. Always diligent and highly organised, I can rely on her to look after my best interests and ensure everything is taken care of. She’s always very responsive and quick to get back to me with any queries. She ensures clear lines of communication at all times, and keeps the tenants happy and also ensures the property is being properly maintained and looked after. I have benefitted particularly from her professionalism and ensuring that I can get the most from my investment. She always has a clear idea of what the market is doing, what requirements tenants have but also what work needs to be done to ensure tenants are kept in place. Without her, the assets wouldn’t of performed as well and our return would’ve been lessened. I can say with absolute certainty that Danielle has been critical in maintaining the asset and keeping the tenants in place for the long term. She has taken a lot of the responsibilities off my shoulders, reduced my stress from the management and ensured that all records are kept accurately and that the tenants are aware of their obligations under their leases and paying rent on time. I realistically couldn’t manage the load on property without Danielle and the team. I thank them greatly.

J Cummings

We have been so happy with the amazing service that Danielle provides, we feel reassured having her as our property manager because she constantly keeps us updated and informed with any issues that arise and also follows up on them if needed. As a landlord we have the peace of mind that we can leave our property in Danielle’s capable hands and entrust her to take care of it and ensure that we receive the rent on time.

Tabitha & Cindy

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Danielle as our property manager for our commercial unit. Her communication has been exceptional and we always feel well informed about anything that arises with our property. We are very happy with her service and would recommend Danielle to other landlords in our area.

A Cauchi

Danielle has provided exceptional service to us as a commercial lease client. She is always extremely prompt in her replies and assisting us with any query is always dealt with friendly and efficiently. Danielle’s personable nature and promptness in replying to any request. It is lovely to have built up a friendly working rapport with her. It makes sending any request through to Danielle about the property we lease much easier and with no hassle as she is always so willing to help with any query we may have. Liaising with Danielle is always a pleasure and we are very grateful for her exceptional customer care.

J Worthington

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